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Healthify Solution Inc. aims to design, develop, commercialize, and manufacture remote health monitoring products created for special applications.  The focus of our first-generation product is road transportation companies that desire to monitor their drivers’ health conditions for preventive health purposes. We review the preventive health and monitoring needs of a specific group of people then develop the appropriate systems with applicable means of data transfer and communication.  

Mission statement –  Healthify Solutions Inc. analyses the health monitoring requirements of groups of people then designs, prototypes, develops, commercializes, manufactures, distributes, and sells the appropriate monitoring system with applicable means of data transfer and communication to implement preventive health.   

Company policies – Healthify Solutions Inc. envisions the world to be provided with cost-effective, precise, reliable, economic, applicable, user-friendly, easy to operate, qualified, durable, robust, smart, and remarkable health monitoring systems for the purpose of preventive health.

Executive profiles – Our executive team involves physicians, software developers, marketing specialists, engineers, and truck drivers who are all highly experienced in their fields of activity around the globe.

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  • ​36 Toronto St Suite 850, Toronto, ON M5C 2C5, Canada

  • Europe Office: 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square Berkeley Square House, London W1J 6BD, UK

  • Middle East Office: Standard Chartered Tower - Level 5 Emaar Square - Downtown Dubai - Dubai, UAE

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